[Review] Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – The Death of You and Me

The Death of You and Me is the lead single from Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, the debut album from the former Oasis songwriter and guitarist. After walking out on the band following an ugly spat with brother (and lead vocalist) Liam in 2009, the smart money was on Noel to carve out the most successful post-Oasis career. However, after a surprisingly accomplished debut album from Liam’s band, Beady Eye (also comprising the remaining Oasis members), the attention turns to Noel to see if he can deliver the goods without his brother’s vocals up front.

Borrowing has always been part of the Noel Gallagher modus operandi, and the habit continues with The Death of You and Me. One suspects that Noel must own a worn out copy of the Lovin’ Spoonful’s Greatest Hits album, such are the lyrical parallels with their 1966 hit song, Summer in the City. Never adverse to pinching a good tune from himself, there are also shades of Noel’s own song, The Importance of Being Idle, from Oasis’ criminally underrated album Don’t Believe the Truth. An unexpected horn solo and some delicious Noel falsettos complete the package.

The Death of You and Me is a nice enough song with flashes of well crafted songwriting (“I’m watching my TV, or is it watching me?”). But this is Noel Gallagher, the man who wrote Live Forever. Expectations are high, and it is hard not to be a touch underwhelmed by this track. Noel may try to talk down comparisons with his brother, but they are inevitable, and it has to be said that Beady Eye’s debut single, The Roller, was better.

The Death of You and Me – Music Video

You just know Noel can do better than this — a point thankfully demonstrated by the trio of songs that have leaked from his upcoming album, all of which are far better than The Death of You and Me. Noel fans need not despair, the Chief has some aces up his sleeve. Keep listening for Stop the Clocks and I Wanna Live in a Dream (In My Record Machine). Beady Eye may have won the battle, but the war still wages.

The Verdict
Beady Eye 1 - Noel Gallagher 0. But there's a lot more to come from Noel...



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